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Respect Charizard (Pokemon Anime)

2018.03.23 16:00 doctorgecko Respect Charizard (Pokemon Anime)


Trainer: Damian (formerly)/Ash Ketchum (currently)
Species Information
Backstory as told by Ash
Personality: As a Charmander he was very kind hearted and friendly. However after evolving his personality did a 180 and he became violent and rude, personality traits that were retained after evolving. He was shown to only ever want to nap unless he could face a powerful Pokemon. After regaining his loyalty is still very headstrong and proud, but is also much friendlier and can be extremely affection towards his trainer.
  • The body of this thread will cover Charizard's fully evolved form. To see his pre-evolutions, as well as a more detailed background, scroll to the comments or click here
  • I will be including feats from movies and specials, but as there is some question on their canonicity these feats will be marked.
  • All feats will be labeled based on which series they occur in. The labels are as follows
    • OS: Kanto series (OS stands for Original Series)
    • OI: Orange Islands series
    • JJ: Johto Series (JJ stands for Johto Journeys)
    • JJ-CV: Johto Series after Charizard has trained in the Charicific Valley (which made him much stronger)
    • BF: Kanto Battle Frontier series
    • BW: Best Wishes or Unova series
Ash's Charizard has used more moves than any other Pokemon in the anime. Moves marked with an asterisk are ones he currently knows
Known as Charmander
  • Flamethrower:* Unleashes a powerful stream of fire from his mouth
  • Leer: Stares down his foe to lower their defenses
  • Rage: Takes hits from his opponent to increase the strength of his attacks
  • Skull Bash: Rams into the foe with his skull
  • Ember: Unleashes several red hot embers at his foe
  • Fire Spin: Creates a vortex of flame around his foe
Learned as Charizard
  • Submission: Spins around at high speed to incap his foe
  • Seismic Toss: Carries his foe high into the air and then slams them down into the ground
  • Dragon Rage: Unleashes a powerful ball of energy from his mouth
  • Take Down: Rams into his foe with a massive amount of force
  • Tackle: Rams into his foe
  • Dragon Breath: Unleashes a beam of energy from his mouth
  • Overheat: Heats up his body and then unleashes an extremely powerful stream of fire
  • Steel Wing: Hardens his wings and then strikes at his foe with them
  • Wing Attack:* His wing glows which he uses to strike at his foe
  • Slash:* His claws glow and extend, which he uses to slash at his foe
  • Dragon Tail:* His tail glows blue, which he uses to strike at his foe
Note that Charizard has been commanded to use the moves Mega Punch and Fly, but either refused or was unable to.
He is also capable of combining multiple moves together, such as fire spin and seismic toss.
Blocking Attacks
Misc Power
Other Fire Attacks
Fire Spin
Energy Projection
Dragon Rage
Dragon Breath
No Attack
Seismic Toss
Take Down
Steel Wing
Wing Attack
Dragon Tail
Aerial Mobility
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